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    Lawn construction and maintenance

    The lawn is a source of well-being and embellishes the places where you live. Prepare and treat it with the right products.

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    Professional and do-it-yourself irrigation

    An irrigation system made with quality products is essential for the life of your garden.

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    Electric pumps and drive systems

    Complete range of electric pumps and drive systems with electrical panel, inverter or pressure switches. Accessories and spare parts.

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    A beautiful lawn is the heart of your garden

    A lush lawn is one of the most popular aspects of a garden. Proper lawn care is essential to ensure it remains green and thriving.

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    For a perfect gardening experience

    Bushes, trees and hedges need to be pruned, trimmed, cut and sawn to stay strong and healthy. GARDENA has everything you need for garden care and planning.

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    All the useful tools for the garden, from the most common to the innovative tool you never thought of.

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    Warm up the environment in which you live

    The heat of a stove. Wide range of pellet stoves and pellet inserts. Wood stoves. Spare parts and accessories.

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    Protect yourself from the buzz of insects

    Effective products to repel insects. Internal and external. Sprays, repellents and traps.

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    Make your irrigation controller more functional

    Modules for WiFi operation. Remote controls. Modules to expand work areas. All the accessories to update your irrigation control unit.

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40 square meters of lawn...

Festuca arundinacea (%) 90
Poa pratense (%) 10
Number of clods 80
Thickness of the clod (cm) 1.5 - 2
Clod size (cm) 125x40
Maintenance average
Cold resistance medium high
Resistance to heat average
Trampling resistance average
Resistance to shade average
Resistance to drought average
Salinity resistance medium low
Recommended regions Veneto
Species microtherm

4SRm 8/4 F-PD - 1 HP...

Motor connection SINGLE PHASE
Motor power (HP) 1
Delivery port 2"
Body Pump AISI 304 stainless steel
Impeller Delrin
Number of impellers 4
Pump shaft AISI 304 stainless steel
Check valve Yes
Degree of protection IP 68
Flow rate min. (l./min.) 40
Max flow (l./min.) 200
Min head (m.) 8
Max head (m.) 28
Cable length (m) 2
Employments irrigation
Liquid temperature max. (° C) 35
Height (cm) 59.6
Outside diameter (cm) 9.8
Weight kg) 11.7
Guarantee Two years
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EASYPRESS-BLU - Electronic...

Type of attack male
Motor power (Kw) 1.5
Restart pressure (bar) 1.5
Employments irrigation, pressurization systems, water supply
Liquid temperature max. (° C) 50
Line power supply single phase
Supply voltage (Volt) 230
Line current 16 A
Motor power supply single phase
Motor voltage 230 V
Motor phase current 16 A
Dry running Yes
Height (cm) 17.7
Attack size 1 "
Weight kg) 0.7
Guarantee Two years
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RC2 - Indoor 8-station...

Assembly external
Watertight Yes
Number of zones 8
Valves by sector 1
Number of departures 4
Number of programs
Output voltage (Volt)
LCD display no
Wifi option
Non-volatile memory Yes
Remote control Yes
Modular Yes
Compatible with rain sensor Yes
Supply mains voltage
Overcurrent protection Yes
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
Guarantee Two years
Simultaneous programs Yes
Odd and even day programming Yes
Weekly programming Yes
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Eco Logic - Control unit...

Assembly Interior
Watertight No
Number of zones 4
Valves by sector 1
Number of departures 4
Number of programs 3
Output voltage (Volt) 24V 625 MA
LCD display Yup
Wifi No
Non-volatile memory No
Remote control No
Modular No
Compatible with rain sensor Yup
Backup battery No
Supply mains voltage
Overcurrent protection Yup
Height (cm) 13.5
Depth (cm) 3.5
Length (cm) 13.5
Guarantee 2 years
Simultaneous programs No
Odd and even day programming Yup
Weekly programming Yup
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