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  • English garden

    Lawn construction and maintenance

    The lawn is a source of well-being and embellishes the places where you live. Prepare and treat it with the right products.

  • Garden irrigation

    Professional and do-it-yourself irrigation

    An irrigation system made with quality products is essential for the life of your garden.

  • Pumping systems

    Electric pumps and drive systems

    Complete range of electric pumps and drive systems with electrical panel, inverter or pressure switches. Accessories and spare parts.

  • Lawn care

    A beautiful lawn is the heart of your garden

    A lush lawn is one of the most popular aspects of a garden. Proper lawn care is essential to ensure it remains green and thriving.

  • Care of trees and shrubs

    For a perfect gardening experience

    Bushes, trees and hedges need to be pruned, trimmed, cut and sawn to stay strong and healthy. GARDENA has everything you need for garden care and planning.

  • Equipment

    Professional and DIY equipment

    All the useful tools for the garden, from the most common to the innovative tool you never thought of.

  • Garden and outdoor...
  • Warm up

    Warm up the environment in which you live

    The heat of a stove. Wide range of pellet stoves and pellet inserts. Wood stoves. Spare parts and accessories.

  • Insecticides

    Protect yourself from the buzz of insects

    Effective products to repel insects. Internal and external. Sprays, repellents and traps.

  • Accessory products

    Make your irrigation controller more functional

    Modules for WiFi operation. Remote controls. Modules to expand work areas. All the accessories to update your irrigation control unit.

  • Replacement parts

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