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Garden irrigation

Professional and do-it-yourself irrigation

An irrigation system made with quality products is essential for the life of your garden.

Garden irrigation


  • Control units for...

    The right amount of water at all times

    External and internal control units. Modular to control large spaces. From the cockpit to simplify installation.

  • Fittings

    Plastic fittings

    Complete range of threaded, compression and union fittings for irrigation and pumping systems.

  • Sensors

    Save water and protect your lawn

    The rain sensor makes the irrigation system intelligent by preventing it from watering in rainy weather. Save water and don't make your lawn sick.

  • Sprinklers

    Hidden and surface sprinklers

    Various types of sprinklers. Hidden and superficial. Static and dynamic pop-up sprinklers. Low, medium and long range sprinklers.

  • Nozzles

    The right nozzle for your flower bed

    The nozzles differ in flow rate, precipitation rate and working angle. A wide range of nozzles allows you to cover your flower beds in every corner.

  • Sprinkler connection

    Sprinkler connection for pipes

    Connection joints, detachable nipple and other solutions to connect the sprinkler to the area, allowing correct positioning of the sprinkler.

  • Wells

    The right place for solenoid valves

    The underground well is the right place to install the solenoid valves of an irrigation system. They can also house the control unit for irrigation or other.

  • Collectors

    Solenoid valve manifolds

    Assembled manifolds. The ready-made solution with fittings that allows the removal of the single solenoid valve.

  • Bracket sockets

    For a water junction point on the pipe

    Bracket sockets for pipes of various sizes. For branching and sprinkler connection points.

  • Filters

    Mesh and disc filters

    Wide choice of mesh and disc filters of various capacities and with different connections for drip and rain systems.

  • Piping

    Garden and underground irrigation pipes

    Polypropylene pipes for underground irrigation and rubber for outdoor in the garden.

  • Drop and micro

    Micro irrigation for plants

    Low-flow irrigation. Ale drips, drips, filters, pressure reducers and fittings for drip irrigation.

  • Irrigation kit

    DIY irrigation kit

    Kit for watering pots, small and medium-sized gardens and vegetable gardens. All necessary products ready for purchase.

  • Design

    Design of your garden irrigation system

    Design of the irrigation system according to the plan you send us. List of materials needed to build the system.

  • Zone controls

    Controls of the irrigation area

    Complete kits to create individual irrigation areas. Consisting of solenoid valve and depending on the kit, filter and pressure reducer.

  • Valves

    Manual and electric valves

    The valves allow you to control the passage of water in the irrigation system. Manual and electric.

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