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The size of the plate is 125 x 40 cm and then the soil covers half a square meter of surface.

The quantity ordered means in meters, this means that if you write in the Amount field, '100', you will receive 200 rolls of lawn capable of covering a surface of 100 square meters.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

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Recommended use
The meadows residential and sports fields in temperate climates. Ideal for football fields, golf, tennis and bowls. Very useful in all the situations of the flooring for intense people and/or dogs.

Resistance to temperatures
Excellent resistance to heat, vegeta up to 45°C. Poor resistance to cold, afraid of frost, deep (tolerate it for short periods up to max -10°C), especially if prolonged. In the winter, if it is exposed stably in minimum temperatures through fall below 15°C, begins the entry into dormancy, characterized initially by a growth interruption and subsequent discoloration. To the attainment of the threshold of 0°C has a total bleaching effect with a yellow straw, very clear and uniform.

NB. the Cynodon Dactylon to be part of the family of the "Macroterme", then it tends to go dormant (that is, to stop the growing process) with temperatures falling below 15°C, therefore it is only suitable for areas mainly with a temperate climate. We do not recommend its use in mountainous areas or in general in the centre and north of Italy. For this characteristic it is possible to its transplantation only in the months from April to September.

Resistance to impact
Excellent, also, covers quickly areas thinned out by the presence of stolons.

Shadow resistance
Practically nothing, it requires full sun.

The cutting height is recommended to be between 1 and 1.5 cm, and can be done with the mower blades in helical or rotary.

How it is made and shipped

After the purchase, the customer is contacted by our delivery office to agree on the exact day of delivery. The carpet is "zollato" and shipped on the same day to ensure that they arrive fresh to the customer.

The transport and delivery

The lawn is prepared on the appropriate pallets are entrusted to the courier arrangement with suitable means for fast transportation. The discharge by the customer will be made by the carrier with vehicles equipped with hydraulic tail lifts or cranes to ensure a quick and easy dumping.

Cynodon Dactylon

Data sheet

Cynodon Dactylon (%)
Clod size (cm)
Cold resistance
Resistance to heat
very high
Trampling resistance
very high
Resistance to drought
Salinity resistance
medium high
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