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Is a variety of stenotaphrum secundatum to leaf wide that adapts to gardens, sunny or highly shady, survives even under the pines.

Rustic lawn that requires low maintenance and is able to tolerate the drought of our climates, thanks to the deep root system.

Thanks to the stolons, robust and able to cover the areas thinned out by the passage of the pets.

Recommended use
The meadows residential in areas with a temperate climate. Ideal in all situations where there is a very low maintenance level, or with strong shadowing.

Resistance to temperatures
Excellent resistance to heat, vegeta up to 40°C. In winter, when it is exposed permanently to minimum temperatures on average fall below 10°C, the beginning of the entry into dormancy, characterized initially by a growth interruption and subsequent discoloration. To the attainment of the threshold of 0°C has a total bleaching effect with a yellow straw, clear and uniform. The resistance to the cold, in the context of the warm season turfgrasses, it is not the best (up to -5°C) and does not tolerate frosts prolonged. In temperate climates usually enters dormancy in the month of December and then rinverdirsi in the month of April.

Resistance to impact
Media, but is able to colonize areas thinned out, even if with a certain slowness, due to the presence of stolons.

Shadow resistance
Excellent, definitely the best.

Requires falciature every 10/12 days during the warmer months; effettuareil cutting blades for presses.

Stenotaphrum Secundatum

Data sheet

Stenotaphrum secundatum (%)
Cold resistance
Resistance to heat
Trampling resistance
medium low
Resistance to shade
very high
Resistance to drought
medium high
Salinity resistance
medium high
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