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H 5 - Hanging garden panel 5 cm
  • H 5 - Hanging garden panel 5 cm
  • H 5 - Hanging garden panel 5 cm

H 5 - Hanging garden panel 5 cm


Three pieces cover 1 m2 of surface.


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The innovative 50mm panels have been created for a triple use, in fact, in addition to the solution of ventilated crawl spaces and protection of the waterproofing of walls against the ground, it is also proposed to be used in the construction of hanging gardens.

The roof garden panel is an effective tool that allows you to improve the environmental well-being in our cities as:

  • It brings climatic benefits
  • It favors a useful contribution to water regulation as it accumulates, retains and returns the water to the environment in a reduced percentage
  • Reduces noise pollution from outside
  • It improves the visual aspect of our cities, made increasingly gloomy by the excessive use of concrete

Furthermore, with the roof garden panel, maintenance costs are significantly reduced as the entire roof is protected from direct sunlight, bad weather and temperature changes caused by seasonal changes, thus increasing the life span of the roof itself and providing exceptional thermal protection.

Modì module installation

The roof garden panel is ECOLOGICAL because it is made with recycled plastic.

It has an EXCEPTIONAL stability, and settles quickly thanks to the simple and functional hooking system (an unskilled worker can lay over 80 m2 / h).

It guarantees VERY HIGH waterproofing protection thanks to the offset arrangement of the panel feet which have a smooth, elevated, circular and rounded support surface.

Highly PRACTICAL because it allows the passage of pipes in the empty cavity between the waterproofing and the earth.

It allows HIGH drainage of rainwater thanks to the number of holes that allows adequate evacuation of the running water.

SUITABLE diameter of the holes prevents the passage of the roots under the panel.

Its INCREDIBLE compressive strength of over 10,000 kg / m2 allows the roof garden panel to withstand even heavy loads dry (small wheel loaders, mini excavators, etc.), acting as a load divider and stabilizer of the ground above.

The EFFICIENT water tanks allow plants to constantly supply, allowing them to grow without problems.

The hanging garden panel is ETERNAL having the ability not to alter over time both if attacked by mold and bacteria, and by chemical agents such as fertilizers.

IT IS VERSATILE because it allows to operate even on roofs with significant inclinations over 15%, positioning the driveway grating on the roof garden panel in order to be able to retain the ground.

It proves to be EFFECTIVE thanks to the particular type of coupling, it perfectly follows the substrate with different inclinations, even curved.

It is EASILY shaped with a saw or disc wheel.

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H 5

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Roof garden brochure

Plastics 3F roof garden panels brochure.

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Roof garden specifications

Description of specifications for the installation of the roof garden panels. Useful for installers for quotes.

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